Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Birthday Present!!!

So for my birthday, my dad bought us all tickets to the BYU vs Wyoming game!! The only problem was is that the BYU tickets were all sold out and we had to sit in the Wyoming section!! As most people know, I love BYU FOOTBALL!!! I am borderline obsessed! No joke! But anyways I wasn't about to wear a Wyoming shirt and cheer for BYU so Tiff and I wore our BYU shirts! They gave free ones out at the door so Tay changed into her also! Here are just a few pics from the best game ever!!!

It also seems that whenever we go anywhere we have to sit by the most mouthy people in the whole place! Tiffany is one of them!! haha jk! She did almost get in a fight with the guy behind us! We learned not the make a guy wearing polyester pants two sizes too small and camo boots mad!!! It was so much fun anyways!

BYU is #1!!!!!
The sad Wyoming Fans! Oh well better luck next year!! Thanks so much Dad and Wendy!!!
The married couple enjoying the game!!44-0!!! Second sraight shut out!!
Tom, Fui, Cosmo and others on their way to ring the Victory Bell!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Sports Weekend!!!

So this weekend for me was devoted to sports! It was so fun! It started on Friday when my old roommate Alex, my new roommate Amanda, and I went to an Orem Owls game! It was really intense and went into the 13th inning! We went after the 5th inning so we got in for free! On Saturday, Amanda and I went the the BYU vs UCLA game!! My work had a booth at the tailgate party before so we gave back massages, handed out coupons and gave back massages to people. Then we went the the "game," if you can call it that! BYU Killed UCLA! That night Alex and I went to another Owls game. This was the championship game and the last of the season! It was fun but they lost! It was 8-1 til the 8th inning when they scored and the final score was 8-5!

The Owl's game! I cut some of the players' hair this summer and said that I would go, but just never made it til Friday! The Owls are a lower league to the LA Angels!

Me, Amanda, and Alex
Our owner, Mark, putting tattoos on the little kids!
A girl I work with, Cortney, giving a back massage at the tailgate party!
The Sport Clips mascot, Sporty!!Amanda helping us out at the tailgate party! Our mascot and the Carl's Jr kid together! So cute! There was a little kid inside of the star!Me and Amanda at the BYU slaughter!!! This is where our seats were! The picture does not do it justice! We were on the 22nd row! The old ward clerk from my ward gave us the tickets! He buys them and justs lets his kids use them! I'm pretty much family!

It was so hot and I got sunburned! Crazy, but when i washed the tatoo off my face there was an outline of the football player!! It was so funny and luckily it faded a little before church!
Cosmo and the Bruin having a dance-off! Cosmo was soo much better! These pictures are for you Braxton!!!

The Final score!! Yeah shut-out, blow-out! 59-0!!! Go Cougars!!! Who's talking now!?! Hopefully ESPN will have something good to say about them this week?

Alex and I at the final Owl's game! Yeah we were on the front row! The tickets were only $9 too! Great Weekend! Gotta love sports!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This Labor Day will be one for the books! It started out normal, eating a great pancake and eggs breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Welling's house. Then it was parade time! We all went to watch the parade on Front street...There was tons of candy(i'm not lying either every kid gets a grocery sack full, and there are at least 20-30 kids!) and the usual floats. About half way through it started raining and then when it was almost over the clouds you can see behind in the pictures moved in really fast! We all ran for cover and as soon as everyone came inside it really let loose! It rained/hailed/snowed for two hours stright! Yes I said snow!! Gotta love the Wyoming weather! Well it cleared up just in time to go to the rodeo. It was fun because the rodeo arena was a mud pit! When the cowboys would fall off they would get soo muddy! It was pretty entertaining! I just felt bad because the Cowboy Days Committee puts so much effort into doing this and then for the weather to be so crappy was horrible! It was a great time anyways! We always have fun when we're together!

Dallan was dressed up in his cowboy gear! He is so stinking CUTE!!! Everyone else is bracing for the storm! Cambree was so mad she had to get her hair done twice that day, so she wouldn't look at the camera! Her hair was so cute though!
Getting candy!
Everyone watching the parade! Look at those clouds!
Cambree the next day in her new tu-tu! She is so cute and loves it! She didn't want to take it off!

I'm such a failure!!!

So the girls at work and I decided to hike the 'Y' this morning at 6:30! I went and picked everyone up and we started on our journey! These are pictures before we started. Well the hike is really steep! Not even half way up I started having an asthma attack and thought I was going to die! I felt so bad but I really couldn't breath! So needless to say we went back down because they didn't want to leave me behind! So I failed at my first attempt to hike the 'Y'! SO my goal is to hike all the way up before I leave this place! Its really not as easy as it looks! The View was amazing though!