Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

These pictures are from my wards Sub for Santa shopping experience! It was really amazing and a fun thing to be apart of. It brings the real meaning of Christmas into your life. My ward is amazing we raised a little over $1500! We were able to do Christmas for 4 local families! We went and delivered the gifts to one family ourselves and they were very much appriciative! It was awsome to see their faces! This is Parker riding a bike in Wal-Mart. This bike went to the family we delivered the presents to and the little girl loved it! As we were leaving the little girl turned to her mom and said, "Mom, I Got a Bike!!" She was so excited!

Jeff and I are co-chairs for Family Home Evening so we were in charge of the money! We were waiting for everyone to finish shopping and decided to have a little fun! He is the best co-chair I could ask for!

Look at all that dough!

This is Mandi and Britt shopping for stuff!

Wrapping the presents at the church!

The presents after we got done wrapping!
This was one of the best Christmas experiences I have ever had! I hope everyone else had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life is Great!!

So I thought that I woul post some pictures of somethings that I have been doing lately! Life has been so crazy! I don't do much, but with work and going to institute and friends is seems like I have no time!My roommate Mandy, my friend Brittney, and I went to Salt Lake after it snowed to look at an art exhibit at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! It was amazing! It was called "Reflections of Christ." The pictures are so beautiful and not easy to describe with words. I recommend going on the website and looking at them. Its not the same as in person but you will get the idea. I also got the soundtrack from Deseret Book and it is AMAZING!!!! Temple square was BEAUTIFUL with the snow everywhere! It's just missing the lights.This is my roommate Mandy and I by the Joseph Smith Statue in the JSMB! He was an amazing man and I owe so much to him! I have grown to love him and really appreciate what he did!

The temple looked so great!! The lighting in the sky made it look so good! I love going to temple square and feeling the peace there! I cannot wait for the day when I can go through the temple and recieve those blessings!

These are just random pictures of the bowl that I accidentally broke! We were making cookies, I was scooping out the dough, and the sppon slipped and broke the little piece off! It was so funny! Then I went to move the bowl and picked it up, and the huge piece broke off! My roommates were giving me crap that I need to stop lifting weights! It was pretty funny,and just a warning: Don't Mess with Me!!!

We had a staff meeting on Wednesday. At work we call it a pep rally to stay with the sports theme! Well anyway we decided to have a fun one, so I brought my Wii and we had a tournament! We made a bracket and played tennis! This is our manager Liz and our owner Minon playing! Liz of course won but we had tons of fun! I love my job!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

Its been forever! I have just been so busy!! So here are some pictures from my Halloween. It was a lot of fun! We had a great time at work and then later that night also!Kendra, Liz, and Leah
Wilma, Me, and Dora the Explorer

All of us Sport Clips girls having a fun time at work on Halloween!

Michelle in her Batman costume, just having fun!Liz dancing for us!

I'm so happy Tiffany and her friends came down to have some fun with us! I had so much fun with her! It will be fun to haave her down here next year!!

JD with some girls that we met! We were looking for a party that we were going to and knocked on their door! They loved his costume and wanted to take pictures! JD made the night the best Halloween ever!! It was so hilarious to walk behind him and see everyone's reactions!

A better picture of JD! I don't know how to rotate the picture but his costume was great! He reminded me if the she/man bartenders on SHREK!

Chelsea and JT as Sonny and Cher! They looked so good together!

Tiff, Mandy, Brittney and I at Britt's friends party!Another picture os us girls having a great time on Halloween!

Tiff and I just hanging out at JD's apartment! We were missing the donuts really bad!! Halloween was so fun, my stomach hurt from laughing so much!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Birthday Present!!!

So for my birthday, my dad bought us all tickets to the BYU vs Wyoming game!! The only problem was is that the BYU tickets were all sold out and we had to sit in the Wyoming section!! As most people know, I love BYU FOOTBALL!!! I am borderline obsessed! No joke! But anyways I wasn't about to wear a Wyoming shirt and cheer for BYU so Tiff and I wore our BYU shirts! They gave free ones out at the door so Tay changed into her also! Here are just a few pics from the best game ever!!!

It also seems that whenever we go anywhere we have to sit by the most mouthy people in the whole place! Tiffany is one of them!! haha jk! She did almost get in a fight with the guy behind us! We learned not the make a guy wearing polyester pants two sizes too small and camo boots mad!!! It was so much fun anyways!

BYU is #1!!!!!
The sad Wyoming Fans! Oh well better luck next year!! Thanks so much Dad and Wendy!!!
The married couple enjoying the game!!44-0!!! Second sraight shut out!!
Tom, Fui, Cosmo and others on their way to ring the Victory Bell!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Sports Weekend!!!

So this weekend for me was devoted to sports! It was so fun! It started on Friday when my old roommate Alex, my new roommate Amanda, and I went to an Orem Owls game! It was really intense and went into the 13th inning! We went after the 5th inning so we got in for free! On Saturday, Amanda and I went the the BYU vs UCLA game!! My work had a booth at the tailgate party before so we gave back massages, handed out coupons and gave back massages to people. Then we went the the "game," if you can call it that! BYU Killed UCLA! That night Alex and I went to another Owls game. This was the championship game and the last of the season! It was fun but they lost! It was 8-1 til the 8th inning when they scored and the final score was 8-5!

The Owl's game! I cut some of the players' hair this summer and said that I would go, but just never made it til Friday! The Owls are a lower league to the LA Angels!

Me, Amanda, and Alex
Our owner, Mark, putting tattoos on the little kids!
A girl I work with, Cortney, giving a back massage at the tailgate party!
The Sport Clips mascot, Sporty!!Amanda helping us out at the tailgate party! Our mascot and the Carl's Jr kid together! So cute! There was a little kid inside of the star!Me and Amanda at the BYU slaughter!!! This is where our seats were! The picture does not do it justice! We were on the 22nd row! The old ward clerk from my ward gave us the tickets! He buys them and justs lets his kids use them! I'm pretty much family!

It was so hot and I got sunburned! Crazy, but when i washed the tatoo off my face there was an outline of the football player!! It was so funny and luckily it faded a little before church!
Cosmo and the Bruin having a dance-off! Cosmo was soo much better! These pictures are for you Braxton!!!

The Final score!! Yeah shut-out, blow-out! 59-0!!! Go Cougars!!! Who's talking now!?! Hopefully ESPN will have something good to say about them this week?

Alex and I at the final Owl's game! Yeah we were on the front row! The tickets were only $9 too! Great Weekend! Gotta love sports!!!