Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The latest...

So I Think I am getting the hang of things! I was made the Manager of the Sport Clips that I have been working at almost a month ago. What does this mean?... I get to make the schedule, work more hours, hire/fire people, and i got a raise!!! It has taken some adjusting but its been good. The girls i work with are great and keep things running smoothly! We really have the best store ever!!

Between this and celebrating BYU's HUGE win over Oklahoma I have been really busy!!!! Now I have good and exciting things to watch and talk about at work!! My favorite quote about this came from Woody Page who is on Around the Horn. He said,"Max Hall called Oklahoma and all he said was...Who's Your Daddy?!?!" Ha ha I was laughing so hard! Woody is one of about 4 people who even like BYU on ESPN so its fun to see what he says!

I only have one picture and its of this lady at the Cowboy Days rodeo! Soo Funny

She actually climbed up there! It was so funny! I thought for sure she would fall when she was getting down! I don't know why she was up there but I had to take a picture of it!