Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I am finally updating everyone on my life!! It is still pretty uneventful but here is the best new addition to my life! I love the new house! Thanks to everyone who helped getting us all settled and moved in!
The outside of my house. I mainly took this picture to display my BYU flag! It was a house warming gift and I LOVE IT!!!!
The rest of the front of my house!
This is the downstairs bathroom. The orange color on the walls is what used to be on the tan walls below! I am so happy we painted them! The orange is good in small quantities!
The fireplace (it really works!) and part of the downstairs living room!
The other part of the downstairs right off of the kitchen
This is what sold me! I love it! There is even a hidden spice rack between the stove top and the oven!
My bedroom! There are two other that look similar.
The upstairs bathroom
The other part if the bathroom.
The hallway going upstairs. ( All of the walls on the two upper levels were completely white!)
The entryway living room!
Another side of it! There is another wall that is tan right by the door but I didn't take a picture of it!
So that is it! The rest or my life is still dividing my time between managing Sport Clips and submersing myself in JIMMERMANIA! I love BYU sports but Jimmer has taken my love to the next level! If you haven't seen him play in person and even remotely like basketball you need to find the time! You won't be disappointed! He is amazing and the JIMMER SHOW is something to behold!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burger Challenge and Insanity!!

So for work we had to do a staff meeting (pep rally) about an MVP moment. So for ours we went to the local Fuddrucker's and took on their burger challenge. It was a lot of fun! We split two challenges between nine of us so we didn't eat tons but each challenge included a 1lb. Hamburger, a large order if bacon cheese fries, a soda, and a brownie sundae! It was a lot of fun so hopefully we will win!!!!
Also Tiffany, Mandi, and I started doing Insanity this week! It is probably the hardest workout I have ever done! I hope to start seeing results soon! I sure can feel it, my legs feel like they are going to fall off every time I move! haha! It's been a lot of fun and we push each other so it makes it a little easier! I hope everyone has a great Conference and Easter weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Update....Work, March Madness, New Roommate

It has been forever since I last posted something! So to catch you up...not much has happened! I am still the manager at Sport Clips down here in Provo! I am finally getting the hang of everything and our store is doing amazing! We have started doing around 100 more clients a week and we keep growing! I get to go to Vegas at the end of April to the National Huddle! Its a convention for all of the managers and owners for Sport Clips around the nation. I'm pretty excited to go!

This time of year is a lot of fun to work at my job! It's March Madness time!!!! We all fill out brackets and since we watch most of the games it is a lot of fun because all of the girls get involved and the clients like to talk about it too. Especially this year because BYU is doing so good! Hopefully they will keep n playing great! Jimmer Fredette is my new hero! I love watching him play. He makes the craziest shots but makes it look easy! He is great! I also enjoy watching Jackson Emery! I worked with his wife so it is fun watching someone you have met. Working where I work is a lot of fun if you like BYU because there are a lot of BYU connections that come in!

Other than work I don't do many other things. My ward here is amazing and I have met a lot of really good friends. For some reason this place attracts really great people! I love living here and I love my new roommate! Of course I will always love her because she is my sister!!!! Tiff just moved in this week and it has been so much fun! I can't believe it happened! We have been talking about it for a long time but now it finally happened!

That is pretty much my life! It's not too interesting but its really good! I am trying to spice it up by going on a trip this summer! I haven't decided where yet but Kendra and I have decided to probably go on a cruise! (I just need to find my passport!) I need a break and I think a cruise or vacation would do me some good! I'm so excited!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Going There Someday...

Well for all of you who don't know...I'm actully going there in a few days!!!!! I have decided to go through and receive my endowments! I've been thinking/praying/fasting about this for quite a while and a few weeks ago decided to just do it! I talked with my bishop and well things just fell into place! I'm going to go through the Mount Timpanogas temple on October 23rd! I'm extremely excited and am counting down the days (10)! I'm so grateful for the gospel and the the testimony that I have. I also cannot thank everyone enough for the examples that they have been to me and the difference they have made in my life!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday Fun!!!

These are just some pictures of my birthday and the days leading up to it and after. Tiff, Mandi, and I went to the Brad Paisley concert! It was soo much fun to see him, Jimmy Wayne and Dierks Bentley! They were all so good! And I am grateful that I went to the concert instead of the BYU game so I wasn't mad all weekend! Ha ha Despite what some of my clients thought I should have done! One of them told me I wasn't a true fan because I didn't go, but if anyone knows me I am True Blue through and through!! If you don't believe me, you should see my station at work!! Anyways I was grateful to get my mind off of the game! On my birthday my roommates told me they had to meet with study groups and that we could do something later, which I was ok with. Well they threw me a surprise party instead! It was good! I was pretty surprised that they pulled it off! I was happy to see some of my friends from my other ward and other friends too! It was a lot of fun! The first picture is of our "Ethnic Night" group. We decided to start an ethnic night group where we go and eat a different countries food every week. It was really good! This was a Japanese place called Osaka. We got to eat in our own little room and the food was amazing!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The latest...

So I Think I am getting the hang of things! I was made the Manager of the Sport Clips that I have been working at almost a month ago. What does this mean?... I get to make the schedule, work more hours, hire/fire people, and i got a raise!!! It has taken some adjusting but its been good. The girls i work with are great and keep things running smoothly! We really have the best store ever!!

Between this and celebrating BYU's HUGE win over Oklahoma I have been really busy!!!! Now I have good and exciting things to watch and talk about at work!! My favorite quote about this came from Woody Page who is on Around the Horn. He said,"Max Hall called Oklahoma and all he said was...Who's Your Daddy?!?!" Ha ha I was laughing so hard! Woody is one of about 4 people who even like BYU on ESPN so its fun to see what he says!

I only have one picture and its of this lady at the Cowboy Days rodeo! Soo Funny

She actually climbed up there! It was so funny! I thought for sure she would fall when she was getting down! I don't know why she was up there but I had to take a picture of it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This summer has been crazy! The time has just flown by! It has been tons fo fun though with the 4th of July, Relay for Life, golf tournament and a concert! There is more but the pictures are just a highlight of what I have been up to! I have had tons of fun! I think my ward thinks i'm inactive though! Oh well I will start going regularly when school starts again. I'm so grateful to my family for letting me spend so much time with them. I love living somewhat close! I love having the family unity that we do and that we support and help each other. I couldn't have asked for a better family and looking to spend many more hours with everyone this summer!