Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March- Recent Happenings!!

So sorry about the slacking on the posts! There has been so much going on! There are a few posts and I decided to spilt it up since there are lots of pictures. Enjoy!There is a new arena football team in Orem and they play at the McKay events Center. This was their first game and a guy in my ward made the team so me being a genius and loving sports decided to go to the game for FHE!!! I was able to get free tickets for everyone!
Sport Clips is a sponsor of the team so we get season tickets!! There were two left over so Mandi and I were able to use them! I had no idea where they were so I asked an usher. which in turn told us that we were on the FLOOR!!!!! 5th Row to be exact! Yeah it was awesome!

We were so close you could talk to the players and hear what they were saying to each other. They played the Wyoming Calvery, who won, but it was a great game!
Mandi and I at half time by the field.

Looking down the field.
Mandi and I went to a luau that they were having at BYU. One of the elders that Mandi served with was dancing in it. It was pretty cool!
Add ImageThis is Mandi and Dan after the performance!

Taking a Break

Since I don't get an official spring break and needed to take two days off of work I decided to head to Wyoming! I stopped in Evanston and Moutain View on my way to good ol' Rock Springs! I had a lot of fun! It was good to go back and see people I knew when I went there. Some of the guys are even still the same since they went on missions! We went ice skating. I didn't skate since I have bad luck and knew if I fell my back would be hurting!
This is after Jess sprained her ankle and is being helped off the ice.

Us waiting for the others to finish skating.
Just hanging out.

We hiked up to a waterfall. I had never been there in the two years that I was there or even heard of it. It was quite the hike but was short since the truks made it most of the way! It was cool to see a waterfall that close.

This was the bottom of the Fall. This was a much needed break and I am so grateful I was able to see friends and family along the way!

March- Korean Food and Nicklecade

I have never had Korean food so Mandi decided that I needed to try it. For those who don't know my roommate, Mandi, served her mission in South Korea. We hang out all of the time with some of the elders that she serves and we are going to be living with a Korean. Needless to say, I have picked up sime Korean so I can understand somethings they say. We ate at Sam Hawk in Provo. Most of it was pretty good. There was some stuff that I didn't like so much, but I tried everything.
These are some of the guys we hang out with. Three of the four served in Korea. They are great!

Mandi and I

After Korean food we decided to go the Nickelcade. I had never been ther but it was so much fun!!! It didn't cost that much either! Most games only cost a nickel!! Brings back good memories!

This is Kylie and Dan playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Mandi and Tyler shootin hoops!

This was us cheering on Logan who was playing Super Mario Brothers!

We won enough tickets for everyone to get a slap bracelet! So much fun!