Friday, March 19, 2010

Update....Work, March Madness, New Roommate

It has been forever since I last posted something! So to catch you up...not much has happened! I am still the manager at Sport Clips down here in Provo! I am finally getting the hang of everything and our store is doing amazing! We have started doing around 100 more clients a week and we keep growing! I get to go to Vegas at the end of April to the National Huddle! Its a convention for all of the managers and owners for Sport Clips around the nation. I'm pretty excited to go!

This time of year is a lot of fun to work at my job! It's March Madness time!!!! We all fill out brackets and since we watch most of the games it is a lot of fun because all of the girls get involved and the clients like to talk about it too. Especially this year because BYU is doing so good! Hopefully they will keep n playing great! Jimmer Fredette is my new hero! I love watching him play. He makes the craziest shots but makes it look easy! He is great! I also enjoy watching Jackson Emery! I worked with his wife so it is fun watching someone you have met. Working where I work is a lot of fun if you like BYU because there are a lot of BYU connections that come in!

Other than work I don't do many other things. My ward here is amazing and I have met a lot of really good friends. For some reason this place attracts really great people! I love living here and I love my new roommate! Of course I will always love her because she is my sister!!!! Tiff just moved in this week and it has been so much fun! I can't believe it happened! We have been talking about it for a long time but now it finally happened!

That is pretty much my life! It's not too interesting but its really good! I am trying to spice it up by going on a trip this summer! I haven't decided where yet but Kendra and I have decided to probably go on a cruise! (I just need to find my passport!) I need a break and I think a cruise or vacation would do me some good! I'm so excited!


Tippetts Family said...

Thanks for the update Brit! I am glad to see you are keeping busy and work is going good. I would say, "hope you are well," but I know you I'll just say LOVE YA!